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manufacturers care most! roll forming machines FAQ

Source: │ Datetime:2020-04-26

Weihua Machinery has learned that most of them just have to contact the roll forming machine when they have a lot of questions to understand. Every question needs to go online to search for answers. Today Weihua Machinery

I have sorted out the common questions about the roll forming machine for you, to help you clear the obstacles of the forming machine, the price, application, function and production of the roll forming machine are all here.

roll forming machine factory

What is a roll forming machine?
Roll forming machine refers to the process of forming various complex parts by using the principle of rolling extrusion based on the plastic movement characteristics of materials.

How do you design a roll forming machine?
1) study the production profile; 2) According to the section flower to determine station number; 3) According to sheet material and thickness to determine the roller diameter and roller material.

How to design rolls for rolling mill?
Designed according to the required profile of the rolled panel

How do you buy a roll forming machine?
Searching roll forming machine company on the website, better to visit the company to see their processing technology.

How much do you know about the roll forming machine?
Roll forming machine began around the 1960s in Europe. Due to the advantages of high production efficiency, material saving and product strength, not only the screw fastener industry application, but also the automobile, bicycle and other industrial sectors use the roll forming process to process the parts with complex shapes. With the development of technology and production, more and more attention has been paid to the roll forming process.

What factors will affect the price of the roll forming machine?

Material, shape, thickness and configuration

Using a roll forming machine, how to produce profiles with different geometries?
Design the roll which can change the forming direction in the forming machine

What is the general purpose of roll forming products?
Compared with cutting and grinding process, roll forming process not only has high production efficiency and material saving, but also has high product strength and stable quality. This process is especially suitable for processing special and short workpieces that are difficult to cut, especially for millions of large-scale products with an annual output. Roll forming process is the most advantageous and economic benefit.

What projects are used for rolling lines?
Roll forming machine can produce roofing sheet, deck sheet, down pipe, beam, steel springboard, steel sheet pile, corrugated sheet, roof ridge, wall sheet, storage rack, etc ..

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