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Introduction to the characteristics and methods of PU sandwich panel production line

Source: │ Datetime:2020-09-25

The complete set of equipment for the PU sandwich panel production line is mainly composed of uncoiling system, film cutting system, forming machine system, steel plate preheating furnace, high pressure foaming system, double crawler system, double crawler heating system, cutting system, horizontal cooling system, palletizing It consists of a series of equipment such as system and packing system. The main core equipment is the molding machine system.

The method of PU sandwich panel production process

There are basically two ways to produce PU sandwich panels: continuous production and discontinuous production. 

At present, the continuous production process is suitable for enterprises with high output requirements, while the discontinuous production process is suitable for special-shaped products that cannot be continuously produced, or the production volume is not enough to be worth investing in continuous equipment.

In the continuous production process, the materials for making the sandwich panels are processed together at high speed. 

The polyurethane foam is continuously sprayed between the upper and lower surface materials that are formed at a constant speed, and the polymerization reaction occurs there to produce different forms PU sandwich panel. 

After the sandwich panel is fully formed, the cutting is carried out according to the expected length, and the production line does not stop during the cutting process.

In the discontinuous process, the materials are processed separately, which means that after the face materials are formed, they are cut to the required length, and then assembled together into the laminator. 

The foam is injected between the face materials to produce a preset shape PU sandwich panel.

Features of PU sandwich panel production line

1. The width of the wall panel is adjustable, which can meet the requirements of different wall widths.

2. The adjustable wall panel frame is welded with integral profiles. The rollers on both sides are cantilevered. The single-row bearing seat is combined to ensure the accuracy and rigidity of the bearing seat. 

The single-row bearing seat is installed on the ball guide rail. The specifications can be adjusted easily by adjusting the screw.

3. The rollers and shafts of the forming machine are made of high-quality carbon structural steel. After quenching and tempering and CNC finishing, the surface is plated with hard chromium, and the overall structure performance ratio is good, thus ensuring the stable, smooth and normal forming of the sheet .

4. The bearing seat of the roof panel forming machine adopts an independent square strip assembly structure, the surface is galvanized, the appearance is beautiful, the rigidity is good, and the structure is reasonable.

5. The profiling main drive geared motor and other geared motors as well as important parts and components adopt equipment produced by well-known domestic and foreign companies, which effectively guarantees the overall performance of the equipment.

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