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The best-selling pu sandwich panel production line

Source: │ Datetime:2020-03-19

If you are still looking for the best-selling pu sandwich panel production line supplier, Weihua Machinery is your trusted partner.

Our PU sandwich production line adopts standard module design. The use of modules and standard design types can meet the needs of different customers. It can also save a lot of design time and shorten delivery time and assembly and debugging time. This design can also help customers improve the line in the future, avoid the disadvantages of conventional lines that cannot be improved, and bring unlimited value to customers. The entire production line adopts Toyota management type, 5S system and display panel management, standard work, fast shift type to improve production quality and ensure stable operation of the production line.

PU sandwich production line

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● #Prefabricated house
● #Wall panel
● #Roof panel
● #Garagedoor

WH Machinery is the only factory with cold roll forming technology, foaming technology and rock wool complete line technology.
Even in Europe, key technologies for foam mixing systems and mirror flat sandwich panels are top products in this field.

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