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What are the advantages of the foaming machine?

Source:WuXi WeiHua │ Datetime:2019-07-12

In order to meet the needs of different environments, the types of foaming machines are gradually increasing. There are high-pressure foaming machines and polyurethane foaming machines. Different types of foaming machines, such as low-pressure foaming machines, have different advantages and disadvantages. According to users' needs, they should fully understand the advantages of the product and see if the product is suitable for their own use. Today, we mainly want to introduce you to the advantages of high pressure foaming machines.

1. High-precision foaming machine manufacturing precision.

2. The mixing efficiency of the high-pressure foaming machine is good, the cell structure is stable and uniform, and the insulation performance is good. 3. The high pressure foaming machine is fully mixed under the pressure of the mixing chamber of 120 ~ 200 bar.

4. After the high-pressure foaming machine is poured, no residue will remain in the mixing head, and the surrounding environment will always be kept clean.

5. The high-pressure foaming machine does not produce residues, the foaming quality is good, and the amount of raw materials can be saved (about 5 to 10%).

6. The high-pressure foaming machine is easy to manage and start, and the surroundings are always clean.

7. The quality of the high-pressure foaming machine is excellent.

8. High pressure foaming machine will not cause late foaming due to good mixing efficiency.

9. High-pressure foaming machine has no environmental pollution.

10. High-pressure foaming machine has good durability.

11, high-pressure foaming machine can be used in automated production lines.

This article briefly introduces the advantages of high pressure foaming machines. It is not enough just to understand the advantages of high pressure foaming machines. There is also a need to learn more about the disadvantages of high pressure foaming machines, for example. Attention, follow-up maintenance, etc. can make better use of high-pressure foaming machine. General high-pressure foaming machine manufacturers have corresponding instructions when the products leave the factory. For each foaming machine produced by Weihua Machinery, the operating instructions and corresponding video files of the foaming machine will be explained in detail for everyone.

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