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How to choose and buy a good quality foaming machine?

Source:WuXi WeiHua │ Datetime:2020-01-14

There are many types of foaming machines on the market, and there are many brands of foaming machines, foaming machines of different shapes and names, and new brands and new names of foaming machines are still being introduced. Numerous models dazzle buyers. In order to facilitate buyers to quickly and accurately choose the foaming machine, let us take a few minutes to understand what judgments are experienced when buying foaming opportunities?

1. Fully understand the type of foaming machine

Although the basic principle of a foaming machine is to introduce a gas into an aqueous foaming agent, different types of foaming machines introduce gas in different ways. Knowing the type of foaming machine knows its exhaust method,
Greatly help manufacturers to further understand the technical characteristics and performance.

After clarifying each type of foaming machine, it is easy to be interested in some specific types of foaming machines. Therefore, fully understanding the type of foaming machine is essential for the manufacturer to choose the correct foaming machine.

2. Grasp the basic technical parameters of the foaming machine carefully

For producers, it is not enough to understand the model and foaming principle. It is necessary to further understand several important technical parameters of the foaming machine to determine whether it meets its own production requirements.

1) Yield: Yield is the amount of foam produced. This amount must be slightly higher than 20% of the required amount of foam in order to make room for it. The amount of foaming should be based on the calculation, not the upper limit;

2) Installed capacity: Installed capacity is the total installed power. This parameter is of great significance for considering the adaptability of the circuit to the total power consumption.

3) Equipment size: This parameter is a necessary factor for the overall layout of the workshop;

4) Bubble diameter range: Generally the bubble diameter should be compared according to the requirements of a specific product.

3. Carefully understand the quality of foaming

The final product of the foaming machine is foam. What we need in the production process is foam. Therefore, the quality of the foam is the only criterion for judging the performance of the foaming machine. Judging the foaming quality of a foaming machine should be based on three aspects, namely foam fineness, foam uniformity and foam exudation.

The fineness of the foam refers to the size of the bubble diameter. The smaller the bubble diameter, the finer and denser the foam, the better the stability of the foam, the higher the strength of the product produced, and the better the insulation performance.

Foam uniformity means that the bubble diameter should be uniform and uniform. The more uniform the bubble diameter, the narrower the distribution range, the more uniform the stress on the product, and the better the use effect.

The amount of foam exudation refers to the amount of the aqueous foaming agent generated after the foam bursts. The lower the amount of foam exudation, the lower the water content in the foam, indicating that the foaming performance of the foaming machine is better.

Whether the foaming machine can meet the requirements of the above three aspects should be confirmed by the testing machine. When choosing a foaming machine, it is required that the foam produced by the foaming machine must be a sponge-like fine foam with less water and less uniformity.

foaming machine
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