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Foaming principle of pu foaming machine

Source: │ Datetime:2020-01-14

A complete polyurethane foaming machine consists of the following systems: flow system, metering system, pneumatic system, heating system, cleaning system, mixing device

The two components of A and B are delivered to the mixing head by two high-precision metering pumps with precise mixing ratio and high-speed stirring. The two component raw liquids A and B are accurately mixed and stirred at high speed, and the two component liquids A and B are sent to the mixing head by two high-precision metering pumps. After high-speed and vigorous stirring, the material liquid is evenly sprayed out to form a desired foamed product.

pu foaming machine picture
Classification from the power can be divided into: high-speed impeller type, high-pressure air type, blast medium and low pressure typeFrom the aspect of power, it can be divided into: high-speed impeller-type foaming machine, high-pressure air-type foaming machine, blown medium and low-pressure foaming machine.
The polyurethane foam machine can produce uniform and qualified foam products. It is made of polyether polyol and polyisocyanate through chemical reaction foaming in the presence of various chemical auxiliaries such as foaming agents, catalysts, emulsifiers, etc. to obtain foam plastic.

The polyurethane foaming machine developed by Weihua Machinery has been favored by many companies in the industry. Our polyurethane foaming machine is divided into five-component foaming machine, four-component foaming machine and two-component foaming machine. There are many classifications, and the manufactured pu foaming machine has good performance to meet the needs of the market and the public. We guarantee quality and service. If you want to see more pictures or details about pu foaming machine, you can consult online.

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