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Features and uses of forming machine

Source: │ Datetime:2020-08-25

1. Summary and Features

The forming machine is equipped with punching, bending, cutting and other processing equipment, which can continuously manufacture springs, clamps, rings, coils and other components by processing wires and strips.

Before the advent of forming machines, people had to cut the wire and pass through multiple workpieces to complete a part. 

This completely leads to a waste of raw materials and also consumes a small amount of processing time.

Below it, the molding machine can remove the necessary length of material from the coil material and automatically process the target part at high speed. The advantage is that it can avoid the waste of materials and the trouble of switching.

2. Usage and development

Nowadays, metal parts made with molding machines have been widely used in the fields of electrical/electronic parts represented by automobile parts, construction hardware, stationery, etc.
Among the forming machines, those specialized in manufacturing springs were originally called wire forming machines or spring forming machines.

In the end, the molding machine is constantly developing towards NC and multi-function. By controlling the servo motor, it is gradually becoming possible to make high-precision and rapid manufacturing of parts with complex shapes. 

In addition to processing such as bending, samples that can be riveted, welded, and assembled in a consistent manner are also entering the market.

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