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Simple continuous PU sandwich panel production line

Source: │ Datetime:2020-07-07

WeiHua, with its more than 20 years’ experience in sandwich panel production line and over 60 patents of independent innovation of technology, combines the advantage of continuous and discontinuous production line to design the simple continuous PU sandwich panel production line. Its characteristic is the reasonable combination of automatic production mode and manual operation.

PU sandwich panel production line       PU sandwich panel production line

The simple continuous PU sandwich panel production line is designed to produce PU sandwich panel of one surface for hard layer and another for soft layer. The whole production process is as follows: The steel sheet is precut into the finished panel len; Manually connect the individual sheet with scotch tape; Horizontally spraying the foaming material on the hard surface; Belt conveying and pressure maintaining; Manually cut the soft surface and separate the precut panel; Product panel discharging. The product quality is superior and all equipments' operation is stable. The simple continuous PU sandwich panel production line has the advantages of continuous production and lower investment.

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