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Working principle of roll forming machine

Source: │ Datetime:2020-03-04

Different from stamping and forming machines, presses and dies are used to obtain stamped parts by pressing. Rolled parts are made of roll forming equipment, which are generally thick plate parts and have simple structures.

The principle of roll forming is that several groups of rollers act on the steel belt through mechanics, and gradually form the required profile. When the steel strip passes through the rolls designed in advance, the stress of the steel strip gradually reaches the yield point, so as to obtain the finally required section profile.
According to different section profiles, the corresponding roll forming machine needs to be designed in order to press the desired section profiles. Weihua Machinery Roll Forming Machine manufacturers can provide drawings or samples according to customers, and design the corresponding rolls as required. The rolls are mounted on a stand and the center point is adjusted to a straight line.

The rolls are rolled by the power provided by the motor. The steel strip enters from the first roll, reaches the last roll, and is cut to the desired length by the mold. The work of the entire roll forming machine can be controlled by simple circuits or by a programmable controller to achieve automatic production.

Weihua has developed more than twenty series of roll forming steel production line from initial single layer roof roll roll foaming machine, can meet all kinds of steel construction need of architecture.
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