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Tips to solve the easy absorption of rock wool sandwich panel

Source: │ Datetime:2020-07-17

Many rock wool sandwich panels have the characteristics of easily absorbing water, which greatly shortens the physical life of the sandwich panels. How to overcome this problem? As a professional sandwich panel supplier, WEIHUA has solved this problem in this respect. WEIHUA has designed a PU Sealing Rock Wool Sandwich Panel.

PU sealing rock wool sandwich panel

PU sealing rock wool sandwich panel is a high-quality energy-saving building board, with non-flammable rock wool as the core material, galvanized or aluminum-plated zinc color steel plate as the finish, both ends are sealed with PU and connected by professional adhesive. It integrates fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation and beautiful decoration.

WEIHUA adopts the new technology of rock wool 90-degree turnover to make the rock wool perpendicular to the steel plate, thereby greatly improving the compressive strength. The new rock wool sandwich panel is sealed with PU edges to ensure good air tightness and water tightness. The PU edge-sealed rock wool sandwich panel is a structural rock wool in the middle. The sides of the panel are 50 mm wide PU insulation material, and can also be made into a rock wool filled sandwich panel.



PU sealing rock wool sandwich panels take advantage of the excellent waterproof performance of PU products, overcome the shortcomings of rock wool easy to absorb water and deliquesce, and effectively extend the product's physical performance life. It combines the two advantages of PU and rock wool to solve this problem.

Come to WEIHUA to choose PU sealing rock wool sandwich panel to help you solve this problem easily.

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