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High and low pressure pentane foaming machine manufacturer

Source: │ Datetime:2020-04-15

Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of polyurethane equipment such as high-pressure polyurethane foaming machines and low-pressure generators, and polyurethane equipment accessories such as high-pressure mixing heads and low-pressure mixing heads. Quality, price, service, let you choose with confidence!

pentane foaming machine manufacturer

Introduction of high pressure foaming machine:

The high-pressure foaming machine is controlled by a computer controller. The computer controller uses today's advanced MCU unit machine embedding technology. It has accurate and easy operation on time and easy maintenance. The alarm relay prompts that the previous injection is completed and is ready for the next injection.

Foaming principle: 

The two component liquids of A and B are accurately proportioned and stirred at high speed. Two high-precision metering pumps deliver the liquids of A and B to the mixing head. After high-speed strong stirring, the The material liquid is evenly sprayed to form the desired product. From the power aspect, it can be divided into: high-speed impeller type, high-pressure air type, blast medium and low pressure type. A complete polyurethane foaming machine is composed of the following systems: Material flow system, metering system, gas circuit system, heating system, cleaning system, mixing device.

Scope of high-pressure foaming machine:
Soft and hard foam products: imitation wood furniture. Handicraft frames. Decorative building materials.
Thermal insulation products: refrigerators, air conditioners, cold storages, plates.
Soft foam series products: car seat cushions, pillows, steering wheels, bumpers, instrument panels, armrests, sofas, soles, tires.

Weihua Machinery pentane high-pressure foaming machine manufacturer, has 10 years of experience in the production of high-pressure foaming machine, rich experience in installation and maintenance, pentane high-pressure foaming machine business all over China, the company continues to expand, with more than a dozen Years of polyurethane equipment production experience.

High and low voltage conversion system:
The high and low pressure switching of the raw materials adopts the steam driven transmission type, the internal metal seal, the hydraulic action is fast and reliable, and the two raw materials are switched synchronously.
Proportional testing system:
The product improved on the basis of the foreign pneumatic proportional test valve has the characteristics of synchronous steam action, high pressure pentanefoaming machine, no leakage, high test accuracy and maintenance-free characteristics.

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