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Use and transportation of polyurethane foaming agent

Source: │ Datetime:2020-04-15

Polyurethane foam should be protected from direct sunlight. After empty cans are used, especially those with polyurethane foaming agents that have not been used up, they should not be thrown away and do not come into contact with flammable and explosive materials.
Polyurethane product construction site should have ventilation conditions, the construction personnel should wear work gloves, work clothes and goggles, do not smoke. If the foam touches your eyes, please rinse with water before going to the hospital; if you touch the skin, rinse with water and soap.
Non-foaming foam polyurethane foam is sticky, it is forbidden to contact the skin and clothes or clothes,

During storage and transportation of polyurethane foaming agent, the temperature of polyurethane storage tank should be controlled at the specified temperature to prevent explosion.

polyurethane foaming agent
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