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PU high and low pressure foaming machine price and performance

Source: │ Datetime:2020-04-15

There are many customers who inquire about the price of PU high and low pressure foaming machines. In fact, many market comparisons have found that the price of PU foaming machines is not fixed, generally in the range of 50,000-100,000 yuan, what price to choose

The high and low pressure foaming machine still lies in the performance and service life of the foaming machine. After sharing the difference between the high and low pressure foaming machine and the price impact on them, it is wise to consider what price the high and low pressure foaming machine chooses.

pu foaming machine price

Performance of PU high-pressure foaming machine
1. The price is more expensive (from about 100,000 yuan, high cost performance)
2. Production precision
3. Good mixing efficiency, stable and uniform foam cell structure, good insulation
4. Strong mixing by the mixing chamber pressure of 120-200bar
5. After the pouring is completed, the mixing head will not leave residual materials, and the surroundings are always clean
6. Because no residual waste is produced, the foam quality is good, so the amount of raw liquid used will be saved (about 5-10%)
7. Convenient management and startup, always clean around
8. Excellent product quality
9. Due to the good mixing efficiency, no post-foaming will occur
10. No environmental pollution
11. Good durability
12. Can be used in automated production lines
Performance of PU low-pressure foaming machine
1. Low price (about 50,000 yuan, after sales)
2. Easy to make
3. Poor mixing efficiency, uneven foam, poor insulation performance
4. Forcibly mix with a motor in the mixing head
5. Due to the large internal space of the mixing head, there will be leftover residual materials. In order to remove these materials, it is necessary to use harmful solvents such as methylene chloride
6. Because the mixing efficiency is not good and there are many residual materials, the amount of raw liquid used is more than that of the high-pressure foaming machine (5-10%)
7. Difficult management, bad surrounding environment
8. It is difficult to manufacture high-quality products
9. Due to poor mixing efficiency, post foaming will occur
10. The low-pressure foaming machine has been banned in Europe (due to the use of harmful substances, causing environmental pollution)
11. Poor durability
12. Can only be used for manual production, not for automated production

The PU foaming machine provided by Weihua Machinery is divided into three cliassification, two-component, five-component and six-component foaming machines. The price of the foaming machine can be changed and customized according to customer requirements. The PU foaming machine of Weihua Machinery Bubble machine price
Open and transparent, the price is based on each part of the parts to provide the best quality. The pu foaming machine has good performance. Every machine we sell has undergone multiple inspections and tests. Choosing us is giving us the greatest support.

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