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The characteristics of polyurethane low pressure foaming machine and how to clean and maintain

Source: │ Datetime:2020-09-28

Polyurethane foaming machines are divided into high-pressure polyurethane foaming machines and low-pressure polyurethane foaming machines. 

Different industries can use different types of foaming machines for foaming size requirements.

Four Components PU Foaming Machine

Features of polyurethane low pressure foaming machine:

1. The overall design adopts computer operation, even workers who are not good at using computers can operate in a few easy steps, with accurate data and high practicability.

2. The mixing head uses a new type of injection valve. The mixing head needs to mix a variety of raw materials. Even mixing is the basic requirement for the mixing head. The mixing head of the polyurethane low-pressure foaming machine spit out accurately and synchronously, without clogging and mixing evenly.

3. The metering pump has high precision. The metering pump is a meter for measuring various ingredients, and the accuracy of the ingredients affects the effect of product processing. The high-precision metering pump has a wide adjustment range, which can meet various needs of customers.

4. High-quality insulation material barrel. The material barrel must have heat preservation performance. Otherwise, the ingredients will solidify, affect processing, and damage the polyurethane low-pressure foaming machine equipment.

Cleaning of polyurethane foaming machine:

(1) After use, pay attention to scrub the suction pump of the polyurethane foaming machine with a special cleaning agent, and then use a special sleeve with a host cleaning agent to seal it.

(2) The proportional cylinder of the polyurethane foaming machine is the most important. When the polyurethane foaming machine starts and runs normally, it must be confirmed whether there is a problem with the self-cleaning system of the a material cylinder, whether the circulating cleaning fluid is circulated normally, whether the cleaning fluid is clear, and whether there is crystallization If there is a phenomenon of non-circulation, first check whether the cleaning liquid pipe is blocked, check whether there is crystal in the material tank, or whether there is crystal in the circulating liquid, sometimes it needs to be replaced quickly.

Maintenance of polyurethane foaming machine:

1. Maintenance starts with the basic things. After using it every day, first cut off the power supply and stop the material liquid heating button. Ensure that no current flows through the entire circuit.

2. Do not let the oil cup of the polyurethane foaming machine contain impurities. If so, please clean up the impurities first. Every day before construction, check whether there is lubricating oil in the oil cup, and there is no need to add it in time to prevent damage to the polyurethane foaming machine after construction.

3. Pay attention to the pressure gauge when the polyurethane foaming machine is working. If the pressure gauge is different from usual, stop working immediately.

WEIHUA has professional polyurethane foaming technology, which has laid a firm foundation for the production of polyurethane foaming machines. 

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