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Weihua Actively Takes Various Measures to Help Fight The Coronavirus

Source:Wuxi Weihua Machinery │ Datetime:2020-02-26

During the epidemic situation, Weihua actively takes various measures to help fight the coronavirus.

The full set of sandwich panel production line of Weihua Machinery helps our customer to provide panel for Wuhan Fire God Mountain hospital!

Our foreign customers help us purchase medical masks fro their own countries, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to them, and we will provide higher quality products to repay the trust and support of all our customers.

Weihua's employees also spontaneously donate money for Wuhan. The donation has been handed over to Wuxi Red Cross Society. At the same time, the first batch of 10000 masks successfully arrived at the Wuhan Red Cross Society, and the second batch of 10000 masks have also been donated in place.

Everyone works together to fight against the virus, resume production! We have already started to work now. Welcome to talk with us, we are manufacturing enterprise with our professional team for design, production, assembling, installation and commission, after-sale service. Thank you for your support. In the new year, we will make progress hand in hand and create brilliance together!

Weihua machinery

Weihua machinery

Weihua machinery

Weihua machinery

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