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Weihua Machinery sells pu foam machine in three types

Source: │ Datetime:2020-04-21

Weihua Machinery sells pu foam machine in three types, three-component pu foam machine, four-component pu foam machine, and five-component pu foam machine.
The foaming machine is the core part of the continuous sandwich panel production line. Today, Wafer has fully mastered all core technologies and successfully applied them to multiple production lines at home and abroad.

A simple and easy-to-use machine parameter setting is proposed to simplify the introduction of high-pressure technology, thus paying special attention to the compact design of the machine. Reliable and well-specified machines are created by the special, environmentally friendly performance and budget goals that polyurethane processors benefiting from the most common requirements. It can be used for almost all types of polyurethane production.

foaming machine model:
Four-component foaming machine
Five-component foaming machine
Six-component foaming machine

pu foaming machine picture
Brand foam machine sales
"Weihua" has become a well-known pu foaming machine manufacturer and seller at home and abroad
If you buy our pu foaming machine
Location: China
Payment method: Negotiation
Delivery time: customized production, 15 days quality inspection delivery
Details: Can provide installation and pre-sales and after-sales foaming machine debugging and work inspection

Weihua is the only Chinese company that has won the bid for the UN pentane continuous foaming machine project (Refer to the winning bid). We have mastered the technology regarding pentane storage, transportation, mixing and safety, which has been put into practical production in 2014. We not only provide equipment, but also offer customers a series of services such as establishing staff training mechanism, operating rules and regulations, and post-leakage warning mechanism, so as to achieve 100% security from machine to personnel.
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