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Weihua Machinery Roll Forming Machine Type (一)

Source: │ Datetime:2020-03-04

Weihua has developed more than twenty series of roll forming steel production line from initial single layer roof roll roll foaming machine, can meet all kinds of steel construction need of architecture.

Today, I will briefly introduce the features and applications of various rolling forming machines of 6 Weihua Machinery, so that everyone can have a basic classification of Weihua Machinery's rolling forming machines.
Concealed roof roll forming machine, deck roll forming machine, beam forming machine, tile roll forming machine, beam-free column-curving roll forming machine.

When manufacturing the concealed roof roll forming machine, the produced roof panel is the most popular roof panel in the 1990s. The edge fasteners are all hidden without external screws, and the installation is fast.
The panels produced by Weihua Machinery's hidden roof roll forming machine have extended the service life by 2 times, there is no leakage, and the roof is widely used. It is one of the most popular forming machines of Weihua Machinery in the past few years.

The production of Weihua mechanical deck roll forming machine is specially designed for decks. The design drawing of the entire production line developed and designed by us is based on the work flow design. It is mainly used in large-scale
Floor deck.

Beam forming machine is mainly used for load bearing and bridge design. Beam steel not only needs to share the building's load bearing, wind resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., but also needs to ensure convenience and simplicity during installation. Weihua Machinery
The beam forming machine can manually adjust parameters to meet different building requirements.

The tile roll forming machine can produce roof tiles of different colors and patterns, and different sizes, which are mostly used in independent buildings. Low-rise buildings not only have a beautiful appearance, but also have a long service life for the produced roof tiles, ensuring the advantages of no leakage and breakage.

The beam-free split-column curve rolling forming machine is a device that has been adjusted according to the actual application. It is processed with a large gantry to ensure flat and steel applications. In addition, the equipment is easy to transport and assemble
Installation requirements such as moving and lifting can be made for factory production at any time.

The 5 roll forming machines of Weihua Machinery are just a part of many roll forming machines of Weihua Machinery. Interested friends can visit our product page in detail to get more detailed product parameters and
Applications, etc.
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