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WEIHUA Sandwich Panel Production Line Helps Global Anti-epidemic

Source: │ Datetime:2020-09-23

As a professional manufacturer of sandwich panel production lines and a customized solution provider, WEIHUA Machinery assumes a greater social responsibility in the face of the epidemic, and at the same time it is more in line with the mission and future vision of the company.

WEIHUA Machinery has overcome the problems of the shortage of downstream supply and hindered employees from returning to work. The production capacity has increased by 50% compared with that before the epidemic, and it has provided production lines for Hubei's assistance in the construction of "Huoshenshan" and "Leishenshan" hospitals. 

At the same time, it also provides overseas sandwich panel production lines for hospital construction.

After 35 days of shipping, these large-scale production lines for energy-saving and fire-resistant sandwich panels arrived at the Brazilian factory. 

After the overseas assembly and commissioning are completed, the panels will be produced at full capacity for the construction of local hospitals. 

Weihua Machinery specializes in building roofing and wall insulation maintenance composite board equipment. As the overseas epidemic situation becomes more and more severe, overseas customers' demand for orders is becoming more and more urgent.

At present, enterprises are stepping up production and rushing to assist overseas, striving to make people around the world feel the vitality and responsibility of China's "intelligent manufacturing" in this global battle against epidemic prevention.
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