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Ten types of inventory of sandwich panels

Source: │ Datetime:2020-07-15

Weihua Machinery, as a professional PU sandwich panel production line manufacturer, has a very rich product catalog, which can meet the different needs of customers from different types of sandwich panels, and can produce custom-made sandwich panels with different performance materials.

sandwich panel

Ten types of sandwich panels:

✦ PU roof sandwich panel

PU sealed rock wool sandwich panel

PU wall sandwich panel

Clean room sandwich panel

Rock wool wall sandwich panel

Rock wool roof sandwich panel

✦ Aluminum foil sandwich panel

Curtain wall sandwich panel

PU&Rock wool sandwich panel

Phenolic Sandwich Panel


These types are common types of sandwich panels, and due to different manufacturing processes, the properties and uses of the sandwich panels are also very different. Weihua Machinery can customize this series of sandwich panels according to customer requirements.


This is the end of today's introduction. Next time, I will continue to explain the performance and application of various types of sandwich panels.

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