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Small details of PU roof sandwich panel

Source: │ Datetime:2020-07-16

As a professional sandwich panel line manufacturer in China, WEIHUA will take into account some details of customers' use when designing and producing different types of sandwich panels. For example, the PU roof sandwich panel produced by WEIHUA, its overall design not only takes into account the performance to be guaranteed by the product, but also has a certain aesthetics.

 PU roof sandwich panel

The screws of the PU roof sandwich panel are hidden and have excellent waterproof performance, which can prevent the corrosion of the screws and extend the service life of the panel.

Features of hidden screw roof panel:

1. The screw is hidden and has excellent waterproof performance, which can prevent the screw from corroding and extend the life of the panel.

2. The two-wave peak design improves the bearing capacity of the roof slab, reduces the use of roof pur strips, enhances the bearing capacity, and has the function of balancing water flow.

3. Its design is far away from the water tank to prevent water seepage.

4. Sealing and sound insulation can reduce the impact sound of rain, hail, etc.

As a manufacturer of sandwich panel production lines, the overall details of the products are well controlled, which can not only ensure the performance and quality of the products, but also ensure the satisfaction of use. The PU roof sandwich panel is a good example of details.

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