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Sandwich panel production line manufacturers

Source: │ Datetime:2020-05-26

Do you know any major sandwich panel production line manufacturers in the world? In domestic,do you have reliable sandwich panel production line manufacturers to choose from?

If you have not found a reliable sandwich panel production line manufacturer, let me recommend you a company.

The world's major manufacturers producing sandwich panels  production line 

a)    sandwich panel production line Germany

b)    sandwich panel production line Italy

c)     sandwich panel production line in Korea

d)    sandwich panel production line in Turkey

These are the main countries producing sandwich panels production line manufacturers in the world.So are there excellent manufacturers in China?

 Of course!There are many excellent domestic manufacturers, such as WEI HUA Machinery.

 Why should I recommend this company?

It mainly includes the following reliable aspects:

a)        It is mainly for the production of insulation material  professional PU sandwich panel machinery.

b)        WEI HUA Machinery has a high reputation at home and abroad.

c)        It has independently developed safety and good PANTANE FOAMING technology.

The above three aspects can prove the professionalism of WEI HUA Machinery, it must be a reliable sandwich panel production line manufacturers.


   If you are interested, then come on, you won't regret it.

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