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REVIEWS OVER AT WEIHUA-Changzhou second sandwich panel production line

Source: │ Datetime:2020-03-30

Who is Weihua Machinery? Weihua Machinery is a company that mainly produces professional sandwich panel equipment.
Many successful PU insulation material solutions enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad under the "WEI HUA" brand.

What customers do we have?
Our clients are in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the United States, and Asia.

The second line of our Changzhou customer succeeded to test running on 27 Sep, 2019. It didn't waste any sheet and chemical material, succeed in one time. Brief introduction of Changzhou second line: it has four decoilers, continuous on-line sheet connecting system, six-component pentane foaming machine, 43.8m double belt conveyor, 4-hour cooling time cooling system, turning stacker, six-side packing system, electrical control all adopts Siemens 1500 G12 converters.

Pentane foaming system

REVIEWS OVER AT WEIHUA by Changzhou customers

1,Very satisfied with the entire production process of Weihua Machinery, we visited the entire production process, the process is standardized and efficient
2,Many tests and inspections of the inspection work before the machine is sold are very attentive and responsible.

3,The transportation is very fast, and the installation of the machine is also very professional. According to the actual site space of our factory, the installation is reasonably designed.
4,After the sandwich panel equipment is put into production, the production efficiency is high, and there are few failures, which improves our production capacity.
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