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Aluminum Foil & Metal Sheet Sandwich Panel Production Line

Source: │ Datetime:2020-03-27

Weihua Machinery plans this year: specialized in PU / rock wool continuous sandwich panel production equipment, besides, aluminum foil and metal sheet surface pentane continuous sandwich panel production line will become another major production line this year.

In terms of production capacity, our Changzhou factory implements 2 shifts, 24 hours of non-stop production, works extra shifts to meet customer's order requirement. To meet uninterrupted production.

  Daily output can reach more than 8000 square meters. This year's goal is 1.5 million square meters. It's our responsibility to escort our customers to ensure them continue to keep running production line without stop and services they require.

Therefore, Weihua Machinery is well prepared to produce continuous sandwich panel production line and discontinuous sandwich panel production line in 2020. For more about Weihua Machinery's sales equipment, go to deal! weihua shows "in stock".

PU sandwich panel production line price

PU sandwich panel production line priceContinuous sandwich panel equipmentContinuous sandwich panel equipment

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