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How to choose a polyurethane foaming machine?

Source: │ Datetime:2020-09-03

The foaming machine is a foaming device that makes the foaming agent reach a certain concentration of aqueous solution, also called a foaming device. 

Because the foaming agent itself cannot automatically become foam, it must pass the mechanical action of the foaming machine to become foam. Currently, there are many types of foaming machines on the market. 

New brands and new names of foaming machines are constantly emerging. Numerous foaming machines make it difficult to choose.

For many years, WEIHUA Machinery has been focusing on the manufacturing and research and development of the foaming machine industry. 

With strong technical force, advanced production and testing equipment, we are currently one of the largest manufacturers of special equipment for building energy-saving machinery and foam machinery. 

In order to facilitate consumers to choose the polyurethane foaming machine correctly, the company's professional and technical personnel will explain how to choose the polyurethane foaming machine!

1. Fully understand the types of polyurethane foaming machines. 

Polyurethane foaming machine is a special equipment for polyurethane foam infusion and foaming. The basic principle is to introduce gas into the foaming agent aqueous solution, but different types of foaming machines introduce gas in different ways. 

For example, low-speed stirring type uses slow-rotating blades to introduce gas, resulting in less bubble generation and low foaming efficiency; high-speed impeller type uses high-speed rotating impeller to inhale air, bubble diameter cannot be controlled, and foam is uneven; high pressure and medium and low pressure The type can produce foam with fast speed, high efficiency, uniform and small bubbles.

2. The basic parameters of the polyurethane foaming machine

(1) Output: Output is the output of foam, which must be slightly higher than 20% of the amount of foam you need to leave space. 

The production volume of foam products shall be based on the following limits as the basis for the calculation of approval, and shall not exceed the limits. 

(2) Installed capacity of polyurethane foaming machine: The installed capacity is the total installed power. 

This parameter is of great significance for calculating the adaptability of the circuit to the total power consumption. 

(3) The size of the polyurethane foaming machine and the range of foam diameter.

With more than 20 years of foam product production practice, the machine has accumulated rich experience in equipment manufacturing and product production. 

The polyurethane foaming machine produced by it has passed various levels of inspection and has successfully provided many cases for customers all over the world due to its safety and good performance.

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