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Z-channel roll forming machine/National Patent/Fully automatic

Source: │ Datetime:2020-08-18

Today, I will introduce a fully automatic control Z-channel roll forming machine, developed and produced by WEIHUA Machinery. 

The frame is manufactured by a large five-sided machining center with the ability to cut and clamp at one time.

Z-channel roll forming machine

This Z-channel roller forming machine is fully controlled by PLC. The entire hydraulic transmission device drives the hydraulic cylinder to cut into the hole through the central pump station. The hydraulic motor is the main transmission device, which is characterized by stable and reliable operation. Hydraulic pressure, high precision of hole shearing, high output, low energy consumption, and regular formation of the geometry of the gap. Its hydraulic transmission is good, and the two sets of calibration are correct and coordinated. It has been granted a national patent by the end.

Advantages of Z-channel roll forming machine:

1) The base of the machine is processed by a planer, and the positioning pins of the screws are connected to the wall of the frame. The panel can form straightness, ensuring high precision.
2) Use hydraulic interlace cutting to ensure the precise geometric contour of the formed panel. This cutting method does not produce waste.
3) The length is measured by computer, the long holes on both sides are drilled hydraulically, and the middle round hole is punched. The hole distance is adjustable.
4) Arrange a leveling unit with 7 rollers to ensure the level of the Z pur strip.
5) The roller material adopts high quality alloy GCR15

The Z-channel roll forming machine sold by WEIHUA has obtained the national patent. You can buy it with complete confidence. If you have more needs, please call 0086-510-83208527.
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