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Foaming Machine Company-WEIHUA Machinery

Source: │ Datetime:2020-09-08

The foaming machine is the core part of the continuous sandwich panel production line, which directly affects the quality of the production panel.

WEIHUA has been committed to the development of foaming machines for many years. WEIHUA has now fully mastered all core technologies and successfully integrated multiple production lines at home and abroad. Including: flow control technology, high temperature control technology, self-cleaning mixing head technology, high-speed shear mixing emulsification technology.

The foaming performance of the panels produced by Weihua's four-component PU foaming machine is quite good. 

It can produce refrigerated sandwich panels with a thickness of 250MM and a flame retardant grade of B2, with a high percentage of enclosed area and good inherent coefficient.

 four-component PU foaming machine

WEIHUA Machinery is the only Chinese company that won the bid for the United Nations pentane continuous foaming machine project. 

WEIHUA has mastered the technology of pentane storage, transportation, mixing and safety, and the technology has actually been put into production in 2014. 

It also provides customers with a full range of services, such as establishing a staff training mechanism, operating rules and regulations, and a post-leak warning mechanism to achieve absolute safety from machines to personnel.

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