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Sandwich panel with the most development potential-phenolic sandwich panel

Source: │ Datetime:2020-07-20

As a continuous sandwich panel line manufacturer, WEIHUA is at the forefront of international research, design and production of sandwich panels. Phenolic sandwich panels are one of many types in the sandwich panel production line. At present, the development of phenolic foam materials in developed countries is increasing.

As an organic material, the phenolic sandwich panel has an excellent thermal insulation effect. Phenolic sandwich panels is also different from other organic materials (PU, POLY, extruded board), because the phenolic board can easily reach the standard of B1 fireproof board without adding flame retardant. The fireproof performance of phenolic board is far better than other organic materials, and its process is mature and stable. The cost of phenolic board is much lower than that of polyurethane, and phenolic board does not need to use fluoride blowing agent in the production process. In terms of ventilation ducts, phenolic board is the best among many materials.


Phenolic Sandwich Panel

Features of phenolic panel:

✧ Light weight

✧ Fireproof, smokeless, non-toxic and drip-free

✧ Can remain non-shrinking in low temperature environment

✧ Anti-corrosion and anti-aging

✧ Wide operating temperature range, ranging from -196℃ to +200

✧ Good heat insulation performance, curtain waterproof and moisture permeability

Phenolic sandwich panels have been widely used in construction, defense, foreign trade, storage, energy and other fields. Phenolic materials account for 40% of the foam used in the construction industry in the United States for sound insulation and heat preservation. Japan established an association to promote phenolic foam.

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