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Clean room sandwich panel made by WEIHUA

Source: │ Datetime:2020-07-21

How can ensure that the working environment is beautiful and comfortable? Maybe you need it—— clean room sandwich panel.

Clean room sandwich panel

The clean room sandwich panel is made of color coated steel plate, stainless steel and other materials. Clean room sandwich panels are widely used in clean engineering fields, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research.

As a professional sandwich  panel manufacturer, WEIHUA Machinery takes into account the various experiences of users when designing and producing  sandwich panels, and will provide customized services to the corresponding customers.


The advantages of WEIHUA clean room sandwich panel:

☆ The surface of the clean room sandwich panel is flat and the structure is fine, creating a beautiful and comfortable working environment for customers;

☆ Excellent performance: unique dustproof, antistatic, antibacterial, sound absorption, sound insulation, and fireproof performance;

☆ Factory prefabrication: standardized production, modular construction, improve construction efficiency and reduce human influence;

☆ Customization: Perfect system design and flexible application can meet the professional needs of different industries.

Such a high-performance building material-clean room sandwich panel, what are you waiting for? You must use it!

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