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China sandwich panel production line for sale

Source: │ Datetime:2020-05-11

Since 2006, Weihua Machinery has been selling sandwich panel production lines for 14 years. The average sandwich panel production line on the market averages 1.5 million US dollars. Weihua Machinery sandwich panel production line prices can be customized. The quality is guaranteed. The production line of sandwich panel can work efficiently for 20 years.

Sandwich panel production line equipments:

Hydraulic decoiler, film making machine, steel plate lifting device, cutter / blade recovery device, rib roller, forming machine, steel plate preheater, high pressure foaming machine, PU casting machine, side sealing device, double belt conveyor, double belt Conveyor heating device, automatic tracking band saw, output roller table, panel cooling system, automatic stacker, packaging machine, etc.

Sandwich panel production line

Features of Sandwich Panel Production Line Sold

1. Beautiful, applicable, thermal insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant and other functions.

2. Use a hot air circulation oven to strictly control the PU foaming and curing temperature within an appropriate range.

3. Adopt high-pressure foaming system, accurate measurement, high stability, less dust on site, protect workers' health.

4. Special double-belt conveyor, the surface of the sandwich panel is flat, the thickness is uniform, and the pattern is prevented.

5. The operating system is controlled by PLC computer, personalized design, simple operation.

Sandwich panel production line

Packaging and delivery of sandwich panel production line

1. The host is covered with plastic film.
2. PLC computer control box, spare parts and other small parts are packed in wooden boxes.
3. Delivery time: 80 days

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the sandwich panel production line produce only one size?
No, it depends on the equipment setting parameters of the sandwich panel production line.

What if the machine breaks down?
The warranty period for our sandwich panel production line equipment is 12 months. If the damaged parts cannot be repaired, we can send out new parts to replace the damaged parts, but you need to pay the courier fee yourself. If it is within the warranty period, we can resolve the issue through negotiation and provide technical support for the entire service life of the device.

How to solve the equipment transportation of overseas buyers after purchase?
Tell us the destination. We have reached a long-term strategic cooperation with the transportation provider to ensure that the equipment reaches your address quickly and completely. We have rich experience in transportation.

Is Weihua Machinery's sandwich panel production line an agent or a factory?
Weihua Machinery's sandwich panel production line is independently researched and designed and has patented design of high-quality Chinese brand machinery equipment. We are a machinery equipment manufacturer and designer.

Weihua machinery sandwich panel production line equipment price is high?
Weihua Machinery puts the quality of sandwich panels first. We spend manpower cost and a lot of time to develop how to make the machine more automatic, accurate and high quality. We can ensure that our machine can be used for more than 20 years. Moreover, the complete sandwich panel production line we provide is a production line specially made according to your company's needs. The price is higher than the ordinary sandwich panel production line, which is also worthwhile.

How to ensure after-sales service and problem solving of overseas customers?
We not only provide overseas engineers, but also provide technical training. If necessary, we can solve problems according to customer needs.

Does the sandwich panel equipment production line provide customization?
Of course, we can design the equipment according to the data of the structural part you provide. Before any customer cooperates with us, we will communicate in advance, understand the needs of your factory and customize the size and installation recommendations of the sandwich panel production line to ensure that you buy The production line is fully in line with production needs.

Weihua Machinery sells a complete sandwich panel production line to overseas to give us confidence and help Weihua understand the needs of customers in the overseas sandwich panel production line market. You can visit our product details for all building house panel suppliers who have purchase needs. Or come to China to visit our production process in person.
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