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CZ roll forming line characteristics (importance of punching position)

Source: │ Datetime:2020-03-03

Among the roll forming machines of China's Weihua Machinery, the production of Z-shaped steel roll forming machines has always been the most concerned issue for industry personnel, because the production of Z-shaped steel is difficult, the process is complex, and the production will cause product substandard and increase production costs. Many Manufacturers are hoping to find a perfect mechanical roll forming machine. Today, Weihua Machinery solves the importance of "punching position in the production of Z-shaped steel," and why it causes errors, and proposes corresponding countermeasures.
●Inaccurate hole position

1)Pre-punching with post cutting normally adopts motor transmission. The production efficiency is low because of speed slowdown when cutting.
2)Size precision is difficult to control. The faster the production speed is, the more difficult it is to control tolerance.
3) When the production starts or ends, inaccurate punching hole will occur and result in material waste.
4) When modifying or changing profile size, adjustment of punching hole distance can only be shown after cutting process. This function delay will bring waste to customers.
5) Temperature change may result in size change of the profile.
6) Waste will occur when changing sizes. Effect of pre-punching will be shown in punching hole distance afterwards.

7) There are also lots of problems in hydraulic system. Oil temperature change will cause size change.
8) Hydraulic station changes when environmental temperature changes
9) Size is seriously inaccurate in short distance running
10) Thickness change will also bring size difference

These incorrect operations of Weihua Machinery will directly reduce the quality of Z-shaped steel. We can adjust according to requirements. At present, the machines in the general market
When the punching distance is less than 80mm, a deviation of 10mm will occur. Weihua Machinery has found a corresponding solution. Weihua Machinery's CZ roll forming line has outstanding features.
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