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Automatic door panel production line

Source: │ Datetime:2020-07-09

Automatic door panel production line is a comprehensive production line which is designed and manufactured according on our own, based on the technology of PU sandwich panel production line.

It mainly includes: decoiler, embossing machine, leveling machine, servo feeding and straightening machine, pressing machine, hydraulic punching machine, pre-cutting, conveying device, ribbing device, edge cutting-and-crushing machine, scrap conveying, roll forming machine, online label marking device, auto stacker and wrapping machine, etc.

Automatic door panel production line

This production line can satisfy the door panel production of different width and length. That's to say, the door panel of different sizes can be continuously produced by the line. The design of edge cutting-and-crushing device is the highlight of this production line which is innovated by our company. It can properly solve the core technique problem of continuously producing the door panel of different sizes.

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