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Advantages of polyurethane insulation panels?

Source: │ Datetime:2020-03-09

Weihua Machinery has decades of experience in producing polyurethane sandwich panel equipment. Today we talk about the advantages of polyurethane insulation panels?

Polyurethane insulation board is generally used for the roof outer layer of the building, which has good thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation effects, and polyurethane does not support combustion, which is in line with fire safety. The upper and lower boards are combined with polyurethane to have high strength and rigidity. The lower board is smooth and flat, with clear lines, which increases the indoor beauty and flatness. Easy installation and short construction period, it is a new type of building material.

Advantages of polyurethane insulation board:

1: Because the thermal conductivity of the foaming agent used in polyurethane is much lower than air (good thermal insulation performance), the thermal insulation performance of polyurethane rigid foam is better than those of air-only materials such as mineral wool, glass fiber and polystyrene. Moreover, its unique closed cells and high resistance to gas diffusion make it have superior long-term insulation performance, and its thermal insulation performance can last 20-50 years or more.

2: The closed-cell structure of the anti-corrosive polyurethane rigid foam and the surface material used make it have superior air and water vapor resistance, and it can be made into a mosaic connection structure during molding, which is easy for post-assembly. No additional insulation layer is needed to prevent moisture and save much trouble of laying the insulation layer. These properties are not available in other insulating materials.

3: Wide, light, thin walls. The polyurethane rigid foam also acts as a structural material, which makes the overall structure lighter, longer in span, and higher in load. Compared with other insulating materials, rigid polyurethane foam has the best thermal insulation performance. Therefore, thinner polyurethane sandwich panels can meet the relevant regulations on building energy consumption limits, which allows thinner panels to be used during construction and saves building space.

4: The quality is stable and the production efficiency is high. In the case of a sharp increase in demand, the factory production line of polyurethane sandwich panel production not only facilitates quality control, but also brings good economic and competitiveness.

5: Good weather resistance, easy to install. Polyurethane sandwich panel can be used for construction and installation directly after being prefabricated in the factory. What's more, production does not need to be taken into account when the weather changes.

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