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Hidden Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Weihua has developed more than twenty series of roll forming steel production line from initial single layer roof roll foaming machine, can meet all kinds of steel construction need of architecture.

Product Details

This type of panel is the 1990s world most prevailing roofing panel,selflock fasteners with buckle and edgefixed are all hidden.There is no screw outside of the roofing.Installing swift and convenient,having good section characteristic,its life is raised by more than 2 times than ordinary.There is no seepage definitely,suitable for all roofing,stock the over the past several years main regeneration product.Cooperated with roll forming machine of curve,it can produce roofing system with skeleton.

Hidden Roof  Sheet Roll Forming Machine technical parameter
1.Manual decoiler: manual decoil, passitive expansion

2.Inner diameter of decoiler: 508mm, 610mm
3.Decoiler capacity: 5T
4.Machine stand: welded by steel structure, shot blast after welding, get rid of inside stress
5.Motor power of forming machine:7.5KW
6.Motor power of hydraulic station:3KW
7.Roll stand:24 stations
8.Forming speed:12m/min
9.Material of roller:high-grade 40Cr alloy steel
10.The surface of roller coating chrome:single surface 0.05mm
11.Type of forming machine: wallboard type chain transmission
12.Bearing guard: ¢50
13.Diameter of shaft: ¢75mm
14.Chain: 16A
15.type of cutting:hydraulic cutting
16.Material of cutting blade: Cr12, Quenching hardness HRC58°-62°
17.Thickness of steel coil: 0.4-0.8mm
18.Panel width of feeding: 1000mm
19.Tolerance of length:10m±2mm
20.Specific size of profile: conform to roll forming panel GB/T12755-2008 standard used for china construction
21.Form of guiding with feeding station:side trolley type
22.Transducer: Holip (Danfoss)
23.Computer adopts PLC,OMRON Series
24.Hydraulic systemic working pressure: 12Mpa
25.Computer control system: whole machine adopts industrial computer PLC control, operating board adopts Xinjie OP320A
26.Output table: roller type

Hidden Roof  Sheet Roll Forming Machine flow chart
Hidden Roof  Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Hidden Roof  Sheet Roll Forming Machine           Hidden Roof  Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Hidden Roof  Sheet Roll Forming Machine           Hidden Roof  Sheet Roll Forming Machine
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