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Discontinuous 3+3 Sandwich Panel Machine

The feature of this machine is small volume and low price compared to continuous line. It is more suitable to produce small amount and multispecies PU color steel sandwich panel in cold storage and other building panels.

Product Details

3+3 discontinuous sandwich panel machine in Weihua factory 

3+3 discontinuous sandwich panel machine working in customer's factory 

Discontinuous 3+3 PU Pressing Machine description

3+3 pressing machine greatly reduces the workers labor intensity, save labor time, and increase production efficiency. This machine requires no foundation work, which results in less site area and reduced capital investment. This device uses a contact heater, can set the pre-heating time and also can automatically disconnect the power supply during the worker's operation, make sure safe and reliability. This equipment adopts left and right alternate pressing. The left mold is in the process of pressing. The worker operates the right mold. When the right mold is used for stamping, the left mold is assembled. The time of one cycle greatly improves the working efficiency. The hydraulic system features self-starting and self-stop technology. The machine is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, use human-machine interface and easy to operate.

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