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Z Channel Roll Forming Machine

WEIHUA knows how on post-punching and post-cutting solutions and help our customer achieve consistent profile. The rack is fabricated by large-scale five-sides machining center with capability of one-time cutting and clamp.

Product Details
This machine is full-automaticaIly controlled by PLC,the whole hydraulic transmission,drive hydraulic oil jar carry out and shear through centre pump station towards the hole,hydraulic pressure motor transmit power as main transmission,characteristic its reliable for to operate steadily by hydraullc pressure,Shear towards hole precision high,high output,low energy consumption,Section geometry form rule of the notch.Its hydraulic pressure trausmission,two sets of rectification correct and fit,the cut- off have a national patent.  
1) Base of machine is processed by planning machine and the locating pin of screw connects wall of machine stand. Panel can be formed with straightness, which guarantees the high accuracy. 2) Adopts hydraulic interlaced cutting which makes sure of the exact geometrical profile of formed panel. This cutting method causes no waste material.
3) Computer for measuring the length, hydraulic punching for the long holes at both sides and round holes in the middle, the distance between holes can be adjusted.
4) Arranges with leveling unit of 7 rollers, which assures the levelness of Z purlin.
5) Material of roller adopts high-quality alloyed GCR15
6) Craft of heat treatment: forging — temper — anneal — normalizing — quenching -- temper
7)Sizes of product:width(a):140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 240,250, 300
height(b):62, 77, 92
8)Diameter of roller shaft: ¢70㎜
9) Length of production line: 20m
10) Forming speed: 0-18m/min
11) Quenching hardness of roller: HRC580-600 
12) Quenching deepness of roller: 8mm
13) Thickness of steel coil: 2.0-3.0mm
14) Total motor power: 22kw
15)Power source:380V / 3 phases / 50Hz
16)Computer adopts PLC,Omron CPEE-N30DR according to customer 
17) Computer operating board adopts Xinjie OP320A
18) Roller station: 15 stations
19) Decoiler type: umbrella type
20)Weight capacity of decoiler:5T




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